English is the Simple Languages - The First Step

English is the Simple Languages - The First Step

In here, I would like to share about what my friend, who is English Teacher was thought me for learning english and I hope this one also can help you out to made an improvement of your English language.

Here's what my friend thought me:

At the heart of every English sentences is there Subject-Verb relationship. Other elements can be added to make a sentence more interesting, but they are not essential to it's formation.

Now, the following sentences are examples of the S-V pattern.


A description 

 He sleeps  This is the Core Sentence, we will use as the sample of this time
 He sleeps soundly  An adverb is added to describe how she sleeps
 He sleeps on the sofa  A prepositional phrase is added to tell where she sleeps
 He sleeps every afternoon  A time expression is added to tell when she sleeps
 He is sleeping right now  Verb tense is changed, but S-V relationship remains the same
 Albert will sleep later  Subject is named and another tense is used
 The monkeys are sleeping in the park  New subject may require a different form of the verb

Note: Any action verb can be used with this sentence pattern.

This one help to create the base of my languages, and I wish i share to here and also can be helped for any one out there who can read this to improve their English foundation.

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