01. Mechanics

01. Mechanics

In this section we will talking especially about the side view of Mechanics based on the view as Physicist.

I highly recommend you to kept reading, since as a person whose learning, we believe about there's no such kind of thing exist on Earth without any relations.

Especially in Physics, a something could happen because of there's a cause to make it happen, neither it can be seen or unseen.

Before you start this topic, I hope you have read the topic i wrote as a chapter 00 - Units and Dimensions.

So, without any waiting, I would like to present you the topic in Mechanics section, will about:

01. Kinematics in 1D

02. Kinematics in 3D

03. Vectors

04. Circular Motions 0A

05. Force - Newton Laws

06. Weight

07. Static - Frictions

08. Simple Harmonic Motion 0A

09. Work - Energy Theorem

10. Universe Law of Gravity - Newton Law

11. Circular Orbits

12. Power

13. Heat Energy

14. Momentum

15. Center of Mass

16. Collisions in General

17. Balistics Pendulum

18. Impulse

19. Rockets

20. Rotating Objects - Circular Orbits 0B

21. Angular Momentum

22. Torque

23. Ellipse Orbits

24. Static Equilibrium

25. Pressures

26. Simple Harmonic Motion 0B

27. Applications in General

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