Course Description: Physics is the study about the very tiny little particle like quark till the very extreme large like the universe itself, in this course we will try to introduce you to the wonders of the universe. From the Solar System to the most distant galaxies, we undertake an eye-opening…

Wednesday, December-19-2018   alberttls

In this section we will talking especially about the side view of Mechanics based on the view as Physicist. I highly recommend you to kept reading, since as a person whose learning, we believe about there's no such kind of thing exist on Earth without any relations. Especially in Physics, a…

Monday, February-06-2017   alberttls

let's start it from here then. Well, as all of us know about there's a learning about alphabet before we start the words, and there's a learning about tenses before we start the paragraph, and etc. So, this time, before all of us start to digging more depth in this section, will be good for all of…

Monday, February-06-2017   alberttls

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