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Abstract: When designing a game, one of the major tasks is to design a game of exciting and challenging difficulty levels to maintain the interest level of a player throughout the game. This is especially important when designing educational gamification. This paper proposes the use of Board Game,…

Friday, April-26-2019   alberttls

Abstract: This presentation outlines new ideas within ubiquitous human media spaces supporting embodied interaction between humans and games both socially and physically with the aim of educative board game entertainment. We believe that the current approach to developing electronic-based…

Sunday, March-03-2019   alberttls

Abstract: in this post-edutainment era, a structural and functional board game is playing an increasingly important role in Educational Research and Development. Transforming current bio education for future research education is, therefore, a challenging task. Learning structural board games…

Tuesday, February-26-2019   alberttls

Abstract: Combining the mathematical general relativistic and quantum mechanical properties with the strong field interactions available in the systems is a powerful way of creating quantum dynamic space manipulation and functionalities. In chapter 1 it’s shown that this consequence creates…

Monday, September-03-2018   alberttls

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